Some production systems are beginning to show their functional limitations, particularly due to the constant evolution of computing. One niche the company is including data migration from the old to the new system via tools like ETL.

Another priority of our company is to create Datawarehouse or Datamarts performance, ie develop new systems of data storage to simplify and make more rapid access to a reporting tool. The power of the latter is usually done using tools and automatic transfer of data particularly effective.

The last principal activity of the company PATINFO for reporting via existing tools or custom. Through this, we offer our customers the option of simply reporting standards, financial results or various statistics. It is still possible to provide them with decision support, ie, to assist bodies in preparing the analysis of some important points of their branch. The management of the company is so streamlined and responsive, they can act quickly in taking management decisions adapted to the analysis results.

The experience of our employees in the fields below shows their skill level.



Reporting tools

Internet technology

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